The Sun

The sun shows us the path we need to take to reach our individual potential and build a healthy ego. The sun is all about having healthy personal values of strength and fortitude. The sun shows us how to develop positive qualities minted from our solar sign and then integrated in our society. Our solar sign shows us where we must focus our conscious efforts even our professional choices. The astral chart is divided into 12 houses. The position of the sun in these houses tells us how to integrate the sun’s energy in our world, for example, Sun in the 5th house is all about being creative and having children; the 6th house a life of service to others, or health issues and learning how to depend on others.

The sign in which the sun resides brings to light our relationship with our father (animus). One of the roles of the father is to draw out the child from an overly strong symbioses with the mother, by being seductive and drawing the child into the outside world the sun shines and shows him how to explore and conquer the world. Traumas that have occurred in this exploration of the world will be shown here through the challenging aspects such as oppositions and by bringing them to light one can overcome them.

Aspects such as Trines, Oppositions, Sextils that are made to our sun by celestial bodies represent the influence of the various archetypes shown by the planet or satellite on the sun archetypical challenges and lessons.  A trine from Mars onto The Sun will bring male vitality and assertiveness to the personality, a Venus trine beauty and charm will lend a hand in the journey.  Knowing this allows one to look for help where there is help and abandon habits that are counter productive.

Hiding in plain sight, astrology legacy has been in existence for over 6000 years.  Inherited from the Mesopotamian civilisation past over to Greece. Many myths of the past civilisation can be read as road maps of our personal quests.

The 12 labors of Hercule’s on earth and the sun’s journey through the heavens.

  • Sun in Leo is depicted in the myth of Hercules struggling with the Nemean Lion. After his victory Hercules took the fleece of the animal displaying for all to see. The Leo’s journey is one of being seen of being regal, proud and generous. He is not arrogant since he has a great heart but he does need to be aristocratic and the center of attention
Sun in Cancer represents the battle against Lernean Hydra. No matter how often Hercules cuts the serpents head the more it grows back. These are the lessons of emotions (The Moon rules Cancer and the emotions) to eradicate the emotions is impossible. What are the lessons that can be learned by allowing them to live and no squash them ?
Sun in Gemini represents hercules battle to catch the Ceryneian hind. Fast as an arrow the deer had Hercule sun for a whole year until he finally captured her. Mercury the planet that rules Gemini is also very fast and always debating the Gemini never exhaust himself. Gemini also rules like the 3rd house also short distance travel. “Pindar says that in his quest of the hind with the golden horns Hercules had seen “the far-off land beyond the cold blast of Boreas. Gemini is an air sign ruling freedom « free as air » says the old french proverb.
Sun in Taurus the Cretan Bull represents the. The wild animal was a creation of Neptune (the unconscious mind ) to Minos the wealthy king of Crete. The animal was meant to be a sacrifice to the Gods but Minos fell in love with it. Our world was meant to be sacrificed to our higher-self not hoarded like it is in our societies and meant to divide us by class themselves classified by what we own !
Hercules’ challenge is to overcome and kill his baser instincts come out of the labyrinth of the 5 senses and enjoy the higher love of the soul and altruistic emotions.
  • Sun in Aries the Symphalian birds represents. Hercules in order to kill the birds with iron wings must make them fly high in the air he gathers an army of soldiers that beat the floor and create the disorganized flight of the birds. Hercules then shoots them down with his arrows. The arrow is reminiscent of the Glyph for Mars. The planet that rules Aries. Mars if controlled by the sage sign of Capricorn can be used constructively, but when in Aries it is often vital energy that is squandered a bit like Hercules gathering an army just so that a few birds can fly out of a tree. Much ado about nothing !
  • Sun in Pisces Hercules cleans the Augean stables acting out the myth.
The stables hadn’t been cleaned in 30 years (a Saturn Cycle is 30 years) and there was a multitude of cattle living there, 3000. The task is made possible by Hercules idea to divert the Alfeios river and having it run through the stables. Water is of course the element of pisces the but also the river disappears several times into the limestone Arcadian mountains and reemerges after flowing some distance underground pointing us towards the idea that pisces rule sthe powerful subconscious that must be cleared out regularly. The 12 th house that rules Pisces is about hidden traumas that come to haunt you if you don’t clean them up. Planets here are indicative of secrets that need to be washed away. Mars in the 12th house points to secret enemies, Neptune that rules the 12th house can indicate mediumistic qualities
  • Sun in Aquarius Hercules was required to travel to Erytheia, in order to obtain the Cattle of Geryon. He meets a three headed giant that he slaughters reminding us that Aquarius rules unusual happenings. His journey is divided into two parts first rounding the cattle up and defeating the monster and a second part Heracles then had to herd the cattle back to Eurystheus. This reminds us that Aquarians often have life patterns divided into two parts a first half filled with various experiences and a second part of reaching ones goals and accomplishments. Aquarius is the sign opposite leo at 180°. During his travels Hercules crosses the Lybian desert, there he got so sick and tired of the sun that he shot an arrow into it. Apollo out of respect from the gesture gave Hercules a golden boat to cross the sea to Spain. This reminds us that the aquarian is often an unpredictable and tense person who refuses to serve or get bullied by anyone.
  • Capricorn Sun and the Erymanthian boar. In order to catch him, first Hercules makes the boar leave his den then he chases after him in the snow. Hercule’s tenacity to catch the boar is indicative of the Capricornian tenacity and ambition. Capricorn rules the winter months of December and January. It rules old age too. Capricorns are cold, ambitious and proud, they have great resilience and like Hercules .
  • Sagitarius Sun the Horses of Diomedes labor of Hercules symbolizes the.
In order to accomplish his labor for Eurysteus our hero has to go beyond Mount Olympus. The 9th house is ruled by sagittarius; it is the house of long distance travel and transcendental voyage. The sign for Sagitarius is a horse with a human torso. Symbolizing man’s ability to see beyond the material plane combined with the horse’s speed; freedom and strength.
  • Scorpio sun shows us the path down to Hell and back. During this labor Hercules will have to go and capture the Cerber, the three-headed dog that guards the doors of Hell. Before he goes he gets an initiation into the rites of Eleusis. The glyph of scorpio indicates the notorious sting of the scorpio but also with the « M » each leg representing one type of sexual energy. One human the other divine. The two animals that stand for this sign is the scorpio and the eagle. Sex energy and spiritual energy.
  • Sun in Libra and the apples of Hesperides After an endless journey that involved killing Ares’s – the God of war- ’s son and saving Prometheus from endless torment, Hercules runs into Atlas holding the globe and the sky on his shoulders he finally finds the Apples and goes back with them to Eurysteus.
We find here many Libra symbols. Killing the son of the Gods of war reminds us that wars on this planet are due to greed and sex. Helen was the cause of the Trojan war, greed is the principle reason why we invade Belgium, Iraq, Mexico. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of sex, beautiful object and insatiable desire for both. But Libra in latin means balance. It is interesting to see that venereal diseases come from an imbalance of the yeast levels in the urological zone. Venereal diseases are rule by Venus
Venus is the planet of diplomacy and when Hercules asks Atlas to fetch the apples in exchange of Hercules holding the globe for ever, he indeed show his diplomatic skills and well as his cunning when Atlas takes the Globe back from Hercules « just for a second the time I find a shoulder pad » and then having fooled Atlas, Hercules runs away never to return. Prometheus was tied to a rock and an eagle would eat his liver out everyday and it would grow back the next to be eaten again. His ordeal was to be for ever until Hercules came and saved him. Another Venusian symbol The liver rules desire, and it is said that the pangs of desire never end.
  • The Sun in Virgo is an adventure where Hercules goes on a journey to find and steal for Eurystheus the belt of Hippolyte [Hip-POLLY-tee]. She was queen of the Amazons, a tribe of women warriors. Hippolyte wore this belt across her chest and used it to carry her sword and spear. So Hercules goes with his warrior friends and kills Hipollyte defeats the amazons and steals the belt.
    At first Hypollyte had promised Hercules to give him her belt, but Hera -the goddess of marriage- disguised as an amazon told all the women-warriors that Hercules was going to kidnap their queen, so they all rushed to her rescue clad in arms.  Hercules believing he had been betrayed kills the queen. It seems the curse of Hera is upon the virgo marriage as we can see in the glyph for virgo an « m » for « matrimonium » the last leg of which is curved back on itself signifying virginity (ie) « belonging to no man » ! Virgo personalities are ruled by Mercury and are much too picky to truly be good spouses! So, nothing here bodes well for marriage, yet the maiden is pure and she holds a wreath of wheat; signifying wealth and cooking! This is a cunundrum that will lead many virgos away from the paths of frivolity to the path of service and healing. The planet that rules virgo is Mercury but there is another rulership to virgo:  Chiron. It was discovered in 1970 A.D and as such comes with new information for Mankind.  Chiron is the centaur that brought medicine and the healing arts to Mankind.  He is the wounded healer who cannot die and suffers silently. The warrior who in a world of Big Pharma teaches healing the soul to heal the body; he is alone and nobody listens; worse his abilities are scorned while quack doctors drive in fancy cars and get all the respect.

Myths, far away from being lies, are the modern psychology grand parents. (Didn’t Freud based his modern man picture on Œdipe myth ?)

The Author

I would define myself as someone who integrates the wisdom he has acquired in his life and puts at the service of astrology and my clients.