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« Soulage moi de ma croix
Conduit moi vers la lumière
Mon âme délivrée ! » 

It is truly possible to love someone if one loves oneself and I don’t mean egocentric brad-like love for oneself but a love of oneself based on a true understanding of who one is; one’s qualities one can offer and one’s defects that need to be kept in check. Then it will be possible to find “my better half” my “soul mate” “my best friend”.
So the Amitayus astrologer will first show you many things about yourself: how you are perceived by others; how you thing you are perceived by others, by those of the opposite sex (or your own your sexual depending predispositions) but a sexual or intellectual nature can be clearly read in a chart.
A proclivity towards being unfaithful can be seen : usually a moon in the dual sign of Gemini.
Romantic nature’s are usually leonine and a bit show offs
Good looks are spelled by the position of Venus
The astro-psychologist will help you identify sexual disorders and their causes.
He will show why you push people away instead of attracting them.
Will tell you why you are not finding your soul mates and how you are looking in the wrong direction for fulfilment.
He can even spell out for you what your idea of love is ans maybe point out the conflicting emotions.