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Astrological Chart is divided in twelve houses :

A birth chart looks like this! The horizontal line is the line of the horizon at your moment of birth. It marks the 1st house; planets there tell you about how you feel about yourself. The 6th shows you how you like to serve others, usually in an managerial or employee position. All these are the tools an astrologer has to help you find a career or change careers.

If you need advice on which direction to steer your career, which type of training you need to pursue in order to find fulfilment in your job. Then this type of astral reading is perfect for you.
Depending on where the planets are located and the aspects they make to each other it is possible when one reads one’s chart to see the areas where on is gifted or will find happiness in one’s career. A gifted astrologer can only guess so much, if you choose to take a one on one consultation you can help the astro-psychologist help you. For example he can see you love the arts, for example but not if it’s poetry or the guitar. He can see you would be a good lawyer but if you are not bothered by passing the bar exam it is better that the astrologer know and advice you accordingly
Be careful one needs to know the exact time of birth to do this chart