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Some people find it harder to adapt to his or her society, to find their place.  They feel “it is not a measure of health to be adapted to a profoundly sick society”.  Yet they need more guidance then ever as to why they feel that way !
Usually these people have high ideals, ideals that are more connected with religions or Spirituality and they refuse to enter into a game which they consider puerile.
Often times parents with children like this need to understand what’s wrong and need to be explained on what higher plan their child aspires to.
Distinctive planets rule a spiritual person’s chart, Jupiter, Saturne, Chiron,Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.  Their dynamics are completely different.
Jupiterians will be jovial and gay about all matters, taking the higher ground of humour and generosity
Saturnians take the opposite path of responsibility, stern appearance and fear of God.
Chiron will want to heal others

Uranians will always surprise by their quick wit and intelligence.  “He who knows speaks not; he who speaks knows not say the Uranian”

Neptune will want to get lost in the oceans of divine love; many have drinking problems or worse
Plutonians will want to understand reality at is most primal level, the atomic level but also the deep unconscious level