Who am i?

At the age of 21 I lived in an astrologer community in Woodstock N.Y.  Astrologers from all around the USA came to teach and meditate. The beautiful setting gave us protection for us to develop our channelling powers and study astrology with such books as “Astrology of Personality” by Dane Rudyard.  We practiced mediation also.
I learnt to know myself by studying astrology.

I was encouraged to become an astrologer by one of my teacher who found in my cart many signs that showed I was gifted for this art.
I left at the age of 24 and started travelling and practicing astrology
At 24 I left the USA and settled with my French wife in Paris where I studied at university the myths of ancient civilisations at the École du Louvre and studied Tibetan at the Institut des langue Orientales.
At 45 my family and I moved to Venezuela to a Dzogchen mediation center.  Where we lived for 4 years.
We have moved to the South of France where I practice both acupuncture as a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and American school astrology.

I would define myself as someone who integrates the wisdom he has acquired in his life and puts at the service of astrology and my clients.